FMM Collective

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Fashion Meets Music Collective.

Fashion Meets Music® is an organisation created to showcase, inspire and educate emerging designers, artists and talent in the form of Retail Stores, Live Events, Concerts, Weekenders, Pop Up Shops, Expo’s, Workshops & more.

We provide end to end guidance, knowledge and support for individuals or brands ready to take their idea and dream to the next level, whilst using creativity as a tool to engage participation.

Located in South London, our HQ is home to a pool of talented artists, designers and musicians. Available for purchase (or simply admiration) we have a beautiful plethora of artwork across a variety of mediums, including African-inspired paintings, Afrocentric affirming greeting cards and books featuring illustrations of young black kings and queens – to name but a few.

And we haven’t forgotten about your wardrobe! From sophisticated, contemporary and easy-to-wear African print clothing, shoes, bags and accessories to streetwear staples including graphic tees, hoodies, tracksuits, beanies, caps and coats, our store stocks an eclectic range of clothes fit for all styles and ages. Our awesome assortment of handmade, organic beauty and cosmetic products are also not to be missed to ensure that you look – and feel – as amazing as you are.

Fashion Meets Music creates an innovative form of exposure for gifted artists and designers, a new scouting location for talent representatives, and a fresh outing for event-goers. We are on a mission to bridge the gap between the Indie and Mainstream worlds. Come on down and say hello at our HQ: Unit 64, Centrale Mall in Croydon.