Hiikuss Afro Hair Salon London

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We are more than just hair stylist. At Hiikuss Hair, we are happy to consult on your hair and will offer you impartial advice and make recommendations on the best hair product suitable for your hair to achieve optimum results. We cater for all types of hair and can recommend a hairstyle for all occasions or seasons.

Our team are all highly skilled and our pricing reflects their level of knowledge. All apply the amazing Hiikuss standard to ensure you get value for money.

Feeding Braids £40 – £60
Childrens Feeding Braids £20 – £35
Afro Kinky £55 – £75
Pick & Drop £55 – £70
Box Braids / Single Plaits £65 – £100
Knotless Braids £85 – £120
Crochet Braids £65 – £80